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18th Sep 2020

Ep.000 - Lift Off - Laura and Clement

Laura: Hi everyone. My name is Laura and I have a confession to make. I’ve spent the last 10 years working to solve some of the biggest problems our planet is facing. I’ve worked with non profits, governments, charities - but I’ve often felt as though the impact we were having was short lived, unsustainable and didn’t truly fix the root cause of the problem. Honestly, I often think we might be taking the wrong approach to sustainable development.

More recently, connecting with entrepreneurs has reminded how much of our world is driven by business. And yes, business has made a mess of our planet. But if businesses were designed inherently to make the world a better that’s leveraging the forces at play, for good! So I started a program called The Spaceship to help people like me, who are passionate about solving social and environmental problems untraditionally through business and entrepreneurship instead. And guess what? I started it with a friend who has loads of experience in the business world, Clement.

Clement: Hey listeners, you might be thinking this is yet another program to help me “create a landing page” or to “do good for the planet”. No, here’s the difference. We start by focusing on you and what you’re passionate about, and rethinking what ‘impact’ even means. That way, you finish by launching a sustainable business that walks the talk. 

Part of the program is this podcast! This is where we bring the theory to life through real case studies. We’ll be speaking to entrepreneurs and global thought leaders who have truly challenged the status quo.


Laura: We talk about why ‘scaling’ isn’t everything.

Clement: Why impact is positive and negative!

Laura: What the circular economy is all about, and how to join in!

Clement: And how to break all the rules - because impact entrepreneurship solves problems unlike anything else out there.

Laura: So welcome to The Spaceship Podcast. Fasten your seatbelts!

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The Spaceship Podcast is part of an Impact Entrepreneurship Masterclass called The Spaceship. We're enabling status quo rebels to tackle our world's toughest problems through business. This podcast is where we bring the theory to life by featuring thought leaders and impact entrepreneurs from around the world.
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